Speed Master for Youtube

Adjust video playback speed on YouTube for each individual channel

SpeedMaster for YouTube - a helpful tool that allows you to easily change the playback speed of YouTube videos. With this extension, you can adjust the speed for each YouTube channel individually, and your preferred speed settings will be saved for future videos from the same channel.

Along with controlling the playback speed, you can also specify your preferred video quality. This new feature allows you to enjoy videos at the quality level that suits your preferences and internet connection. Your preferred quality settings will be saved and applied automatically whenever you watch videos.

Speed Master for Youtube

You have two options to control the speed:

  1. Clicking the buttons:
  • To make the video faster, simply click the '+' button located at the top right corner of the YouTube player.
  • If you want to slow it down, click the '-' button instead.
  1. Using keyboard shortcuts:
  • Press the '[' key to decrease the playback speed and enjoy a slower pace.
  • Press the ']' key to increase the playback speed, making the video faster.

In the option page of SpeedMaster for YouTube, you will discover even more ways to manage the playback speed for different channels. This extension provides you with additional options to fine-tune your speed preferences. You can customize the playback speed individually for each YouTube channel, ensuring that each channel plays videos at your preferred speed. Moreover, you can easily modify or update these settings at any time, granting you full control over the playback speed of specific channels. With these advanced options, you can tailor your YouTube experience to match your unique preferences for each channel you follow.